Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Showers

On this rainy Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting a Baby Shower for a dear family friend.  Today we showered Audrey Sanders and Baby Barrett.  I love to host showers at my house and with 4 sisters-in-law and several friends I've given many.   I love to use all my fancy dishes and make everything beautiful and special for my honored guest.  I love that for one day my house is immaculate and having guests is always the best motivation to get things done and looking picture perfect!  I won't deny that trying to have something like this at my house with two rowdy boys around is hard work but it's worth it!

Our Spread!  Yum!
My SIL ordered these from The Luscious Crumb in Lindale. So CuTe!! She thought it'd be fun to do something different then cake this time. It was a hit!
The antique shower plates I use for all my showers.
My sweet MIL started my collection of these one Christmas.
My cherished antique Candelwick Punch Bowl.
My darling husband bought this for me on my 1st Mother's Day.
More pretty things... my sweet friend, Candi and my MIL each bought me one of these Candlewick bowls.  I use one for nuts and one for mints.  I also collect antique handkerchiefs that I use for napkins from time to time.  
It's so fun to find and use pretty things!
Audrey & Barrett with her sister, Whitney, and mom, Connie.
The Hostesses

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Michelle said...

I love the shower plates, I didn't know such a thing existed, I bet I'll be up late scouring ebay, LOL!