Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Today we got a couple of inches of snow!!! It was so much fun! We made a snowman and snowboy with Honeywana & Pops, Abram made a snow angel and we had a blast on the 4-wheeler and sled with Cameron, Christina, Cason & Conleigh! It was awesome! We enjoyed a delicious meal that JeJe & Papaw made and brought over: Roast, potatoes & carrots, corn on the cob, black-eyed peas, gravy and bread! Yum! It was a GrEaT day!! The only draw back... I'm sick, again! Either strep or tonsillitis with fever. Yuck! Oh well, I was still able to enjoy some camera time out with the family. Such great memories!

Abram & Asher with Our Snowmen 
Honeywanna, Rico & Conleigh, Aaron, Abram, Nina, Pops, Papaw & JeJe
Asher and Cason were there too but you can't see them in this picture.

The Boys After Their Sled Ride

Cason Sledding Head 1st
The Sled Pulling Crew
Asher, Aaron & Abram

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