Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Right after buying their costumes!
Burgess Halloween Bash/Mom's 50th Birthday Party
Arianna & Craig aka Ashley & Aaron
The Spartan Cheerleader SNL
So FuN!  My Hubby is such a good sport!  We even did the CHEER!! "Who's that Spartan in my TeePee?"  "It's me!  It's me!"
I think we shocked everyone!! And we stole 1st prize in the contest this year! 

Asher & Case at Preschool
Two of the cutest Super Heros I know!
Fall Fest at the GyM
Spidey (Abram) on our way to school for Storybook Character Day. He took a super hero book to school to share with the class, too. Pssst... Abram couldn't wear his wolverine costume because "no sharp objects at school."  Funny!!  Those plastic claws might be too dangerous!  ;)  Such a rule follower!
Halloween FuN at The Turner's
We had Chili and S'mores and Spooky Stories and FUN!
Halloween FuN at The Englishes
We had Chili and Cake and Candy and we all went Trick or Treating together! FUN!!!
Asher, Lawson & Abram

Lawson's 1st Halloween
Asher started out TiReD!!!
Asher perked up when he realized that he was 
getting treats at every house!!
tRiCk or tReAt!!!
These sweet kids only got TREATS!!! 
Some of our CrAzY group!
Love this!!  Such sweet cousins!
Abram pooped out!
The A-Team
Pops & Honeywana with the GRANDkids!
The end of the night and one last pic with all our cousins...
Abram & Lawson, Asher & Brystal, Cason and Conleigh

Monday, October 25, 2010

Abram's Kindergarten Field Trip to Caldwell Zoo

Today we enjoyed a wonderful day at Caldwell Zoo with Abram's school, ECC.  It was his first field trip in Kindergarten and we had a great experience!  Of course, Asher was there every step of the way thinking he was just as big as the rest of the kids! 

Snack Time!!

Learning All About Animals
Abram was chosen as a volunteer for this experiment.

Mrs. Hopper's Class in the Caldwell Classroom
Abram and his Class Friends
Abram & Braden
... and Asher! :)
Always ready for a picture!
CooL DuDe!!

The Bird Aviary 
These boys are good at catching birds!
Good Job, Abram!
LooK!!  We both got oNe!!!
Good Job, Asher!

Playground Time!!!

Mrs. Hopper's Class

Abram and Mrs. Hopper
U scream, I scream, We all scream for IcE CrEaM!!
We had to make a pitstop at Braum's after a long day at the zoo!
After a very full day the boys were still game to do
some shopping for a couple of very important items...
HaLLoWeeN CoSTuMeS!!! 

Say HeLLo to Wolverine and SuperMan!!