Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Washington, D.C. for the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

with My Mom and Brother, Cameron
August 26-30, 2010

 Leaving on a Jet Plane

 Putting our wishes on the Wishing Tree

Looking like a local on the Metro!

Standing in the middle of The National Mall. Looking one direction to the Washington Memorial and the other to the Capitol!

World War II Memorial

The WWII Memorial is amazing.  Each state is represented by the pillars.  There were so many interesting WWII facts represented.
Taken from the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Memorial behind us.

The Capitol
Jefferson Memorial
We took a Monuments By Night Tour which was GREAT!

Iwo Jima Memorial

Restoring Honor Rally - 8/28
with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Jo Dee Messina, John Rich...

The rally was so moving!  We got to hear from some amazing soldiers who have given so much for our country.  It really wasn't political. It was just about bringing our country back to the honor & integrity that it was founded on. And, of course, the need to allow God to reign in our nation. There were so many great Christian people there. It was very cool to see so many like-minded people gather for such a great event.  It shows that there are still enough people all across the US who want a country that fears God.    

Me & Mom in front of one of the MANY statues in D.C.

The White House
National Library of Congress
The United States Botanic Gardens
National Gallery of Art

National Museum of Natural History

This was such a special trip to share with my mom and bro.  We were non-stop the whole time trying to fit in all the sights.  We walked SOOO MUCH and it was exhausting but so worth every step!  D.C. is BEAUTIFUL!  It's so well planned and manicured.  The amount of marble is amazing!  There was so much to see and we were able to see most of it! We rock! I've never been so tired from a vacation! lol! ;) 

Arlington National Cemetery 
National Library of Congress

Asher's First Day of Preschool at FBC

This year Asher is 3 yrs. old and is starting Kingdom Kids Preschool at First Baptist Church.  He is SOOO excited!  He thinks he is so big and it really works out well that he is starting his first year at the same time as Abram.  He, of course, thinks he is a big boy and sees no difference in his school and the big kids school.  He loves that he has a backpack and new clothes and gets to take his lunch and stay late and play on the playground... And the cherry on top is that he gets to do it all with his best friend, Case!  Such exciting times for a 3 year old!