Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School!!!

August 18, 2011
Abram's Meet the Teacher @ VPE
Mrs. Baze and Abram
Abram is making a statement with his shirt... 
LONG LIVE SUMMER!!! I agree!! ;)
 Abram & Mommy at his new desk.
JeJe went with us since Daddy had to work.  
She knows VPE and a lot of the teachers very well.  She used to teach there!

August 22, 2011
Abram's 1st Day of 1st Grade
A little something for the teacher!

A little something for the student!
Rise and Shine, Sunshine!


Welcome to First Grade!

Our little Smarty at his desk! 
Daddy and his BiG BoY!

Mommy and her BaBY!!!

Mrs. Baze ~ Abram's Teacher
We LoVe HeR!!!

And, yes, he got a little teary-eyed.  It's hard starting over at a new school with a new teacher and classmates especially after being home with mommy all summer. :(  But he'll be fine and he'll learn so much!

August 29, 2011
Asher's Meet the Teacher @ FBC
 I can't believe 3 of these Angels will be in school together!
Asher, Cason & Conleigh start tomorrow...
"YaY, Kingdom Kids!"
 August 30, 2011
Asher's 1st Day of PreSchool @ FBC (2nd year)
 A little something for our LiL' BiG BoY!
 Out of bed you sleepy heads!
 Sweet Brothers!!
Ha ha! Asher, tired of pictures already?
Get over it! The Mamarazzi is just getting started!!!
 Mischievous Friends! But, OH, SO CUTE!!!

Asher & Case ready for another year together!!

 These boys are just too cool for school!!
 Getting straight to work with his teacher...
We LOVE Mrs. Brooke!!!

PS: This is Asher's sweet face!  He does this when I say to "smile cute!" He is such a HAM!!!  And a handful! Good Luck, Mrs. Brooke! ;)

BTW: No tears for Asher!  He quit noticing I was even there as soon as he saw his buddies!  Didn't even notice when I left. :(  No, but really I prefer happy and no tears!! :)