Monday, January 31, 2011

Medders Manor Mondays

This week take a look into our Master Bedroom.  I loved decorating this room!  My favorite part was choosing the fabrics.  The valances are done in a black and white leopard print.  And I adore the floral pattern with all of the vibrant colors on a black background.  The walls are a golden color which look a little more yellow in these pictures than they actually are.

I do love this room and hope you've enjoyed a peek into the KiNg & QuEeN's Quarters! ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sweetheart Ball 2011

Tonight was the ECC Sweetheart Ball and Abram's 1st Dance. He got to bring his best girl... MoMMy!! ;)
My Handsome Date
Abram took me to eat at Chili's before the Ball.
My Little Sweetheart
Our Good Looking Guys
Abram, Barrett, Braden, Brady and Will
Fun, Food and Friends before the BiG night!  
Brady & Jennifer, Ashley & Abram,  Mary & Braden,
Kelly & Barrett and Kindi & Will
Ashley & Abram and Kelly & Barrett
When we walked into the "Ballroom" a slow song was playing. Abram turned to me and held out his hands. He took my hands and started stepping side to side. It was so sweet!!! I couldn't help but tear up.  The teachers had taught them how to slow dance with us! Before I knew it I was a mess!! Crying like a baby!  He was so cute and sweet and Grown-Up!!  It was precious. Then he raised my hand and twirled me. I DIED!!! Love that Precious Angel!
These BoYs can MoVe!!!
They had taught the kids all kinds of dances and moves. YMCA, Hand Jive, Jungle Boogie, Cupid Shuffle... It was priceless! Abram was SOOO GooD!! I am a proud MoMMa! ;)
HaNd JiVe BaBy!!
Jungle Boogie!!
The decorations were AwEsOmE!!!  Such a special evening!
Classmates and Friends
Braden, Will and Abram
Enough with the pictures, Mommy!  I'm trying to eat my cookies and cupcakes!!
Ryder and Abram
The end of a PeRFeCT night!!  It was such a special time and I will cherish the memories forever!  Thank You,  Abram!  You were the perfect DaTe!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The AppLeS of my eye... My BoYs!!!    
Heading out to do some squirrel hunting!

Jennifer's Red Delicious Apples ~ M2M Table
Tonight we had a Girl's Night Out with my M2M Table.  Mrs. Shirley, our mentor, treated us like princesses!  She decorated for all the holidays, birthdays, crowned us, sashed us and payed for our dinner!!  It was so much FuN and we felt so very special!  I LoVe my group of girls!  We really do have a great time together and I've enjoyed getting to know these girls! 

Me, Misty & Kelly
My, Helen, Lori, Margaret & Jennifer
My Girlies!
Our AwEsOmE Group of Ladies!
Miss September, Miss October & Miss November

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Medders Manor Mondays

Being new to blogging I feel I've missed out on some of the fun. For example, I've noticed many of my friends did "Show us where you live Fridays". I love this idea! It's such a fun way to get to see how others live and peak into some great homes! So on that note, allow me to give you a tour of our home with Medders Manor Mondays.  I hope you enjoy a virtual walk through our little "castle".  ;)

The house we live in now was built with love by the hands of my amazing husband, my wonderful dad and the help of my sweet brothers!  Aaron's dad and Jarrett also lent a helping hand along the way. We couldn't have done it without all the able bodied men that worked so hard!  But the brunt of the work and stress rested on the hubs and he did a fantastic job!!  I love him so much and REALLY appreciate all the sacrifices he made during this process.  I think it was worth it!!  Don't you?

Our lot before the work began...
Strong, Sexy Hubby ;) 
I had to have this sign!  It hangs in our garage above the door into the house now.
Getting there...
After brick and stone...
Our Home Today
And Tonight!

I'll be sharing more from The Medders Manor each Monday. Until then... blessings from our home to yours!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Showers

On this rainy Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting a Baby Shower for a dear family friend.  Today we showered Audrey Sanders and Baby Barrett.  I love to host showers at my house and with 4 sisters-in-law and several friends I've given many.   I love to use all my fancy dishes and make everything beautiful and special for my honored guest.  I love that for one day my house is immaculate and having guests is always the best motivation to get things done and looking picture perfect!  I won't deny that trying to have something like this at my house with two rowdy boys around is hard work but it's worth it!

Our Spread!  Yum!
My SIL ordered these from The Luscious Crumb in Lindale. So CuTe!! She thought it'd be fun to do something different then cake this time. It was a hit!
The antique shower plates I use for all my showers.
My sweet MIL started my collection of these one Christmas.
My cherished antique Candelwick Punch Bowl.
My darling husband bought this for me on my 1st Mother's Day.
More pretty things... my sweet friend, Candi and my MIL each bought me one of these Candlewick bowls.  I use one for nuts and one for mints.  I also collect antique handkerchiefs that I use for napkins from time to time.  
It's so fun to find and use pretty things!
Audrey & Barrett with her sister, Whitney, and mom, Connie.
The Hostesses

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night FuN & Date Night Saturday

Friday Night FuN
We had a FuN night out to eat at ETBC with Jarrett, Amanda & Lawson tonight.  It was so crowded but still yummy and worth the wait!  We always enjoy our time with our sweet family!  Then we headed back to our house to test Jarrett's dancing skills.  He and Abram had a Just Dance Wii dance off!  I must say he surprised me!  Ha ha! ;)  Amanda and I picked out outfits for our valentine photo shoot for the boys... pics coming soon!!  All in all - Great Night! :)

Date Night Saturday
Tonight we had a double date with Deven & Sara.  It was so much FuN!  We started at 4:30 pm and headed to Tyler to see a movie.  We grabbed our BiG popcorn and drink and settled in for a good old chick flick!  After the movie we had reservations at Villa Montez so we made our way there and enjoyed a delicious dinner and great conversation with some wonderful friends!  Sara and I laughed because we kept joking that we were on the date together and Deven and Aaron were on a date together.  ;)  It was so funny!  Good times! We were home by 10 pm and I was exhausted!  My how dating changes in your thirties! Ha!!

Note to self... take more pics for blog!!! ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Terrific Thursday!!

Today was the boy's 1st day back to school since Abram's surgery and I was ReAdY for a day out!!  Don't get me wrong I love, love, love my time at home with my BoYs but today I needed some retail therapy and girlfriend time!!!  Thank you, Kelly, for rescuing me! ;)  We shopped, ate lunch, shopped some more... then we hung out at my house most of the night!  It was GrEaT!!!  Here's a couple of pics of the BoYs having their GuY time!  HA!
Abram, Asher & Barrett playing Mario Cart

Little Jack was there too but was too busy playing to be photographed! ;)