Saturday, May 28, 2011

Abram's Last Day of School, Party & Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe Abram has already finished Kindergarten!!  We celebrated with a fun luau themed party and a little "graduation ceremony"for Mrs. Hopper's class.  Daddy, Mommy & Asher were all there to celebrate with the little Graduate!  
Abram, Daddy & Asher enjoying his blue cupcake!

"Abram Garrison Medders!" Woo Hoo!!!

Congrats, Abram!!!
Proud Mommy

Our Sweet Family

Abram's 1st Day of Kindergarten 

Abram's Last Day of Kindergarten

Abram's Diploma, Graduation Hat 
& Perfect Report Card from the whole year!

Abram's 6th Birthday Party ~ Power Rangers, Ready!!

This year Abram was adamant about having his birthday at Kids Depot!  He also knew exactly what kind of b-day party he wanted...Power Rangers all the way!!!  He even told me exactly what he wanted to give for party favors!  He's so cute and so me in SO many ways!!! He loves a good party or any reason to celebrate with friends and family! :)
 Abram's Power Ranger Cookie Cake ~ YuM!!!
 Power Ranger Party
 Our BIG Birthday Boy!!
Sweet Friends
 Aunt LoLo, Honeywana & Bliss and Pops
It was so HOT so our Do-It-Yourself Men
decided to take matters into their own hands! LOL!
The Prince as he sits on his throne waiting for his loyal subjects to bring him his cake as they sing to him & shower him with gifts! HA! ;)
 Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Abram!  Happy Birthday to YOU!

 So Blessed with all these GREAT friends!!
He loves them all SO MUCH!!

 Birthday Royalty
 Lawson & Brystal
 Conleigh Rose
 The B-day King opening all his presents!
 Uncle Ragan, Uncle Zach & Uncle Rico with Miss Bliss
Look over there...
It's Aunt Nina, Uncle Jarrett, Aunt Christin, Liz, Pops...
 Daddy & Papaw
 JeJe, Aunt Amanda & Lawson
 Cason helping Abram open his gifts.
 Money, Money, Money, MO-NEY! $$$
Oh, Yeah! The BiG 6!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 Years Ago Today...

When I was growing up every year, every birthday my mom would say...
"__ years ago today..." and tell me all about the day I was born and how it was the best day and how much she loved me.  She would get all sentimental and love on me.  Well, I've started doing the same thing with my boys so...

Six years ago today I was going to my weekly doctors appointment 5 days before my due date. I saw Dr. Harris and she immediately sent me over to the hospital.  It was time!! My water had broken the day before but I couldn't really tell cause you were blocking it, ready to get out of there! You took your time though.  You probably had some anxiety about coming out into a new environment. You are still like that! You arrived the next morning May 24, 2005 at 5:11 am!  You were a whooping 8 lbs. 6 oz. and the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen!!  After making sure you were healthy and perfect! I immediately tried to figure out who you looked like. Honeywana and Ragan were the 1st to pop into mind but your looks changed a bit from day to day at first. I loved you SO much I couldn't stand it and it's grown more and more everyday! That was by far one of the BEST days of my life!!  

I love you SOOO Much, Abram Garrison Medders!
I am so thankful God has blessed me with YOU!  
I am so blessed, thankful and honored to be your Mommy!!
And I am so proud of the sweet, thoughtful, caring, loving, smart, handsome boy you are and the little man you are becoming...

Abram Turns 6!!!!!!

Today is Abram's 6th Birthday!!!  He woke up to a little present... some legos, an Iron Man action hero, new PJ's, underwear and a Batman Legos Shirt!  He loved it all!

 I went to Abram's school today to have lunch with the Birthday Boy!  I brought him a happy meal from McDonald's.  Always a big hit! (Mostly because of the TOY!)

Abram and his Class BFF, Braden Lockhart.

 Abram standing by his name on the school's birthday bulletin board!

After school I picked-up Abram and we headed out to Sky Ranch for a tour of the camp!   It was so fun to see what all he'd be doing at day camp this summer!  He got to see and pet some of the reptiles in the science lab today and at the end of the tour John Morgan treated Abram to a birthday milkshake at Cafe Sky!!  Everyone there was so nice and kept making a really big deal of Abram and his special day! :)

Abram had a t-ball game then we all went to Chili's for his Birthday Dinner and Dessert!  He didn't really like the singing but he loved the cake & ice cream and the company: Honeywana, Pops, us and The C's!  It was a great day!!!