Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ECC Field Day

Today we went to Abram's Field Day.  It was so much fun!  There were tons of events set up!  We rotated around the football field until all the kids had "competed" in all the events. Let the games begin...
 Jump Rope
 Ball Hop Races
 Asher was there to cheer Abram on, too!
 Hurdles ~ Obstacle Course

So Sweet!!  Such Precious Brothers!

 Hula Hoopin' Abram ~ He is GooD!!!
"Look, Mom!  No hands!!"
Braden, Abram & Christian
 Asher finally got in on the FuN!!!
 Mrs. Hopper's Class
 Gold Medalists!
 Everyone deserves a sno-cone after a long day of WINNING, duh! ;)

After we had our sno-cones we checked out of school and met Kelly, Barrett and Jack at Pizza Inn for lunch. It was a fun day!

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