Friday, May 28, 2010

Abram's 5th Birthday Party ~ A Dinosaur Expedition

I cannot believe my BaBy is 5 years old!!!!! The time has just flown by and he has grown way too fast! Abram, on the other hand, is really excited to finally be 5 like all his friends!  I asked if he would stay 4 but he said he couldn't so I guess I'll let him turn another year older.  One of these days he's gonna wish he'd listened to me and stayed little! ;)

This year Abram asked for a Dinosaur birthday party so, of course, I did my best...

We sent out invitations covered in a mud plaster that had to be excavated to be discovered. They were really cute! At the party we had a Dino Dig for "fossils", we played T-Rex Tag and we even did a volcano experiment which was an extinction theory. The kids had a bLaSt!! I decorated the back yard with dinosaur posters, Dino balloons, etc... Everyone enjoyed dinner at the T-Rex Cafe. We had Dino Dogs, Fossil Fries, Prehistoric Beans and Jurassic Juice. We also had some fun with a T-Rex piƱata and all the kids filled their goody bags with Dino tattoos, toys and candy!  It was a great party filled with many wonderful memories!

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