Friday, September 9, 2011

Asher is 4!!!!

I really cannot believe my baby is 4 years old!!!  It's crazy how fast he is growing up. :(  It does make me a little sad but I have throughly enjoyed every second with this precious boy of ours.  He is such a hoot!! Here are just a few reasons Asher is so special:
  • Asher loves real food! He'd rather have meat & potatoes than cookies & ice cream!  He loves: hamburgers with cheese and mayo only, sausage (which he pronounces shaushage), pizza with lots of ranch, ribs & pig meat aka pulled pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, hot dogs with chili & cheese, corn dogs, pizza rolls...  well, there's not much he doesn't like!!  When we go out to eat you had better count on sharing with Asher because he wants a little of everything!

  • He sleeps with his big brother in a full size bed and has to have his "baby" which is a soft blue blanket he was given by Nina's mom, Oma, at my baby shower.  He also usually has Hunter, his build-a-bear, and some other stuffed animal of the moment.  Right now it's his red Angry Bird, Rio.  
  • He loves PJ's but this summer they have both been sleeping in just undies. So cute!
  • He will fall asleep ANYWHERE! When that boy is tired, he is out! He has fallen asleep right on the concrete where he and his friends are playing!
  • Here he fell asleep at Steel & Case's while playing! HA!!
    Asher asleep on the floor at church
  • Asher is a little lover boy! He loves to kiss me and daddy on our skin when were not excepting it. He'll come up behind me and kiss the back of my leg or kiss us on the arm. When we are riding in the car if one of us is sitting by him he will ride the whole way hugged up on our arm.
  • Most of Asher's life he has been a daddy's boy! He wanted daddy to do everything for him! Even down to handing him something. If I tried to hand something to him, help him, etc. he'd say "I want my daddy to do it!" And he would always call Aaron "My Daddy."  He's dropped the my which makes us a little sad.  He's growing up too fast! Over the years he as grown to appreciate mommy a little more. I get love when daddy's around too now! That little stinker! ;)
  • Asher's most used phrases recently have been: "I love you so much I can't even believe it!!!" or "I can't even believe how much I love you!" He also says "I love you all the way to heaven!"  Until recently if you even dared to ask him how much he loves you just be ready for him to start climbing to the top of the tallest thing in the room! That includes your shoulders, head... :) He makes me smile!
  • Asher has always pronounced things that start with pop as hop: hopsicle, hop-tart, hopcorn... until recently, now he gets it right ever now and then. It's so cute! He does still say kaprise instead of surprise and plause for pause. He still pronounces use as ooze.  He's so funny!
  • Asher can sing almost every word of Big Green Tractor! He also sings Jesus loves Me, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands and several other children's Bible songs pretty well.  Although, I can't say he knows any of them word for word.  He has had trouble with the ABC's up until just recently! He'd get to E-F-G and say F-I-G everytime! Then he'd growl in frustration because he knew it was wrong! And there was no helping him! He did not want our help!  He's always been very independent!
  •  Asher can "read" several books almost word for word: The Monster at the End of this Book, Biscuit, Who wears glasses...
  • A popular response for Asher: "Heck, yeah!" or "Heck, no!" but never in a disrespectful way or situation.  He has very good manners! In fact, if you say "yeah" he might tell you "don't say yeah, say yes!" or yes, ma'am! Another direct quote from our little man... "Not that very much." This might be in response to, Did you like it?
  • Asher loves to ride his bike which he started riding with no training wheels at 2 1/2 years old (Feb. 2010) and his dirt bike which he started riding at 3 1/2 (Dec. 2010)! He is so brave and will try anything! You can also find him cruising around in his Artic Cat Power Wheel playing anything to do with hunting, fishing, camping, etc. He is all BoY!
  • Because he is so adventurous Asher is a little accident prone. My poor baby has been through quite a bit for such a little boy! Stitches, concussion, almost knocked his front tooth out...
Just before stitches from falling off of a 3ft. retaining wall on his bike! He was 2!!

Asher is such a blessing and I cannot imagine life without this precious angel! I love my baby boy so much!!!

Asher at the beach in Destin, FL on his 4th birthday!
Oh, one more thing, see how Asher is holding up his fingers to show that he's 4.  He always holds his hand and fingers in a blade like that! It's so cute! For example, if he shows you how much he loves you he will reach as high as he can with his hand in a blade.  Just something we've always noticed and found unique in Asher.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I recently posted that we had dirt delivered to build our new shop/garage. Well, here is the progress so far...

The slab was poured...
This created the ultimate boys play haven!
Concrete for trucks & bikes surrounded by DIRT! Awesome!!
The walls are up...
The Man!!
Strong and Resourceful! ;)
Our lil' men hard at work!

Could they be any cuter!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Asher's 4th Birthday Party ~ Monster Bash!

This year we decided to do a double birthday party with Cason!  It was a HIT! They were thrilled to have their party together and have wanted to have it at Kids Depot since Abram's!  The theme... MONSTERS!!!  It was so cute and they LOVED it!! The joint birthday party was great and I'd definitely do it again! Such sweet, loving cousins, born just one week apart, in the same preschool class and they share so many things... including friends and family! Why not!?!? :)


Wake Up, Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boys having a SCREAM with their friends!
 Even Uncle Rico got to play! ;)

Lawson getting Papaw's finger!

Party Time!! Bring on the cake and presents!!

 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Asher & Cason!!! Happy Birthday to you!

"A real Compound Bow,  Arrows and Target!!"
Thanks, Papaw & JeJe

A wheel barrow FULL of real tools and camping stuff!
Thanks, Honeywana & Pops
What could that be?  Open it! Open it!!

LooK at us in Asher's new CaMo TeePee! 
Thanks, Mommy & Daddy!

Yummy Cookie Cake!

Daddy & his Lil' Buddy with icing face!

Yeah, That's right! We're 4!!!!