Friday, April 29, 2011

ECC Family Fun Night

Tonight was Family Fun Night at ECC.  There were booths set up for the kids to play games and win prizes, pizza, hotdogs, chips and drinks were served AND it was all FREE!  I love ECC!!  Truly the best!  It was a pretty fun time but it was cut short because we had a t-ball game, too!  Aaron, of course, couldn't make it because he was at work but we represented as best we could without him. :(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Asher's Zoo Field Trip

 Today was Asher's Field Trip to Caldwell Zoo
with Kingdom Kids Preschool FBC.

Asher loves the aviary!  He could spend the whole day in there!

Dryver & Addilyn
Good Job, Case!

Kanyon, Case, Asher & Dryver
and Mr. Bear, too!!!

These boys are Too CooL!

Mommy & Asher
So glad to spend the day with my sweet boy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Such a precious day to remember what Christ did for us.  Even though this day is filled with eggs, bunnies, new clothes, food & family we know the real reason we celebrate this AWESOME day ~ HE IS RISEN!!!
Here's a look at the best day of the year...
 The Easter Bunny came and filled their baskets full of goodies!

He also hid prize filled eggs all over the living room!

Papaw delivered some more Easter goodies!

 This is what we wore to church on Easter Sunday.

The kids playing and waiting for lunch.
(Still in their church clothes but not for long...)
 1st & 2nd Cousins
Notice my boys have gone in the house and changed!  Just like their Daddy! They had to get comfy play clothes on QUICK!

And The Hunt begins...

 Brystal found one!
 Good Hunting, Lawson!
 Wow, Cason!  Good Job!
Full Baskets = Egg Hunting PROS!

 Bliss & Lauren

Look what Aaron caught on Easter Day...
 "It's an Easter Miracle!" ;)
 Bliss was real impressed!
 Everyone wanted to hold the bunny!  Well, almost!
 We actually found and caught 4 bunnies!
Don't worry, we let them all go.
Then we got the knee boards out.

 Later Aaron caught a snake on my parents back porch.
It is now our pet and in our house!!!
Hoppy Easter!!!

Here's a look at the boys on Easter in the past...

Easter 2006
 This is Abram on his 1st Easter.
This is the outfit he wore to church on Easter Sunday.

 This was after the Easter Egg Hunt.
We did a wardrobe change for the festivities.  ;)

Easter 2007
 This is what I had bought for Abram to wear on Easter - A cute light blue Polo shirt & plaid shorts w/ navy, green, yellow & blue. We had taken photos in Tyler on the Azalea Trails earlier in the week but by Sunday it had gotten so cold that I had to buy him something else to wear!  
 He still looks handsome in this little jacket and khaki pants.
We all wore navy, red, white & khaki.

Easter 2008
 Asher's 1st Easter
We all wore Baby Blue, Brown and White.

The boys with Uncle Ragan in their Egg Huntin' Outfits!  Their Easter baskets are fire trucks that JeJe bought them probably before they were born! They've used them every year!!

Easter 2009
This Easter the boys wore these cute light blue gingham Polo shirts and navy blue shorts.
This was an eventful Easter... We had just moved into our new house the week before, Aaron had to work and Asher fell backwards off the bar onto the concrete floor and hit his head while helping me make cookies.  He seemed ok so we went to the family lunches but later I decided to take him to the ER.  When we got there he started throwing up! :(
He had a concussion.  Poor Baby!  It was a rough day!

Easter 2010

This Easter Aaron worked, AGAIN! :(
So my boys & I had to go it alone, AGAIN!! :(
We wore Black, White & Purple.