Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt @ Schools

Abram's Easter Egg Hunt @ ECC
 And they're off!!  Go Abram!  Get Mommy some Candy! ;) lol
 He was kinda choosy about which eggs he put in his basket.  
 Notice the little blonde patch in his hair.  He has always had it.  Even when his hair gets white in the summer it is always lighter.  So Cute!!!
 Checking w/ his BBF from class, Braden, to see how the loot was shaping up.
 Mrs. Hopper's Class
 Checking out their loot!
 Abram & Braden
 Mommy & Abram

Asher's Easter Egg Hunt @ FBC Pre-School
 Go Asher!
"LOOK!  I'm getting a lot!"
 Case felt like he'd found the Golden EGG!  It was a BIG one!
 Good Job, Boys!
 WoW!  Asher did GREAT!

 Dryver & Addilyn didn't want to get in the group pic. :(
 Group Pic of the Kingdom Kids
 Checking out their haul!
Mommy & Asher

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