Monday, April 4, 2011

Medders Manor Mondays

Goodness, it's been a while since I've posted!!  And even longer since I've done a Medders Manor Monday post!  But I'm back and ready to do some catching up!

This Monday I'll feature my kids favorite room... The Playroom!!!

 This is a look in from the door.  This is just a fun BOYS room!  This is where the boys watch TV, play wii, play with their toys and hang out with their friends.
 We also have family movie night in this room!!
There are 3 little jerseys in a shadow box above the entertainment center that were Aaron's when he was little.  They are from soccer and t-ball and one of them says The A-Team which is what we are called!!
 Aaron and I made these cornice boards!
 This is where everything gets tucked away out of sight!  The first closet is full of shelves to organize toys, books, games...  And the other closet has a desk with our desktop computer.  A little family office tucked away out of sight!
 The paintings are works of art by Abram (left) and Asher (right).  There are their hand prints, foot prints and their very own abstract masterpiece.  Abram was 3 (a couple of months from turning 4) when these were painted and he said at the time that he was painting a dog, a tree, sun, clouds and many different animal tracks.  Asher was about 20 months old and he just let the creative juices flow! ;)

This is the toy closet before it throws up all over the playroom floor!!! HA! I try to stay organized but my two little tornados will have this destroyed in the blink of an eye!!! ;)

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