Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Let's Ruin Their Relationship!"

March 13, 2011
A couple of weeks ago my Mom and Dad, who also happen to be our next door neighbors, were having a romantic dinner outside in the cabana.  Abram had gone outside for something and saw them.  He ran in and said "Honeywana & Pops are outside eating dinner!"  I told him that they were having a romantic dinner date and that we should leave them alone.  He says to me, "No, I've got a great idea!  Let's spy on them and make their relationship BAD!!"  It was so funny I couldn't resist!  So I ran in and got my camera, of course!
Here's a pic of the romance - fire in fireplace, white table cloth, candles...  So sweet!  I'm glad my parents are still so in love and make time for romance with each other. :)
 Abram running across the yard to go hide behind Mom & Dad's shed.
 Here he is coming around the other side...
 and running around the back of the "village" or cabana.
 Hiding in the trees.  Of course, my parents have already caught on at this point but played along like they had no clue. ;)  Abram would stop and look at me and laugh as quietly as possible with his hand over his mouth and then say "We're gonna ruin their romance!"
 Here Asher joins in on the fun.  He was asleep when we started spying. 
 Here he is running across the yard.
 Now they are kneeling down behind the bar at the cabana.
 Asher thinking he is so sneaky and funny!
Good Sports!
That was FUN!!!

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Leslie said...

I LOVE this!!! SO precious!