Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abram Turns 6!!!!!!

Today is Abram's 6th Birthday!!!  He woke up to a little present... some legos, an Iron Man action hero, new PJ's, underwear and a Batman Legos Shirt!  He loved it all!

 I went to Abram's school today to have lunch with the Birthday Boy!  I brought him a happy meal from McDonald's.  Always a big hit! (Mostly because of the TOY!)

Abram and his Class BFF, Braden Lockhart.

 Abram standing by his name on the school's birthday bulletin board!

After school I picked-up Abram and we headed out to Sky Ranch for a tour of the camp!   It was so fun to see what all he'd be doing at day camp this summer!  He got to see and pet some of the reptiles in the science lab today and at the end of the tour John Morgan treated Abram to a birthday milkshake at Cafe Sky!!  Everyone there was so nice and kept making a really big deal of Abram and his special day! :)

Abram had a t-ball game then we all went to Chili's for his Birthday Dinner and Dessert!  He didn't really like the singing but he loved the cake & ice cream and the company: Honeywana, Pops, us and The C's!  It was a great day!!!

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