Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lindale Rodeo & ECC Rodeo Day!

The CuTeSt Cowboys and Cowgirl @ The Lindale Rodeo!!!   

Abram & Barrett
All the kiddos stayed as close to the action as possible!!
Abram during the prayer.  So precious!!
I know, I know!  I just couldn't resist!!
Man, I wish this pic had turned out better but I had brag on how well he did!!  He even grabbed enough to share!!  He was giving $ away!!  So sweet!
Asher after the scramble... Abram shared his earnings!  Good big brother!!!
2 of MY Handsome Boys!
Cute Cowboys!!!
Abram's Class @ ECC Rodeo Day

Daddy, Case & Asher @ ECC Rodeo Day

Abram with his Class

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