Monday, January 17, 2011


Since Abram's surgery on Thursday morning we have all been in recovery mode.  This means lots of rest intermixed with movies, stories, light play and all the ice cream and popsicles we can eat!!  We've had a lot of fun!  Thursday Abram was feeling surprisingly good!  We even had to tell him to calm down and keep him from being too active a couple of times.  Steel came to visit and brought him a "get well soon" present.  Abram wanted him to stay and play so Candi left him for a few hours.  We had Chocolate Chip Pancakes for dinner, per Abram's request, and sausage, Asher's favorite!  It was a good 1st day.

Day #2 of recovery - Aaron went to work since Abram had been doing so good and we stayed home to recuperate.  Abram wanted to have a pet party in the fire house so we gathered up all the build-a-bears and their clothes and accessories and set up camp - pillows, blankets...  We played up there for a while and then decided that we needed some nourishment.  Malt Time!!!  We went and made our delicious Chocolate Malts and grabbed my laptop and headed back up to the camp out.  We drank our malts with our bears and watched movies on Netflix.  It was perfect!  We also read some stories online and, of course, the boys didn't want it to ever end!!  We had a great day!!!
This is the fire house.  It's in Asher's closet.  All their tools and workshop toys are underneath and I've hung a curtain that can be closed.  The boys and all their friends LOVE playing in here!!
Day #3 of recovery - Aaron was home and that was a good thing because this was the worst day so far.  Our poor baby had thrown up twice that day and spent almost the entire day on the couch sleeping!  It had finally caught up to him and he was spent!  He had a low grade fever too.  Later in the afternoon he was feeling much better and requested chicken strips, french fries and rolls.  Aaron cooked this yummy meal for us and Abram ate pretty good that night.  After dinner we watched Toy Story 3 again and Abram and I played games on our laptops.  We were glad that our little patient perked up and felt better by the end of the day.

Day #4 of recovery - Today was actually the first day that Abram didn't throw up first thing in the morning. YaY!  He was feeling much better and even played with Asher a bit.  He decided that today he was feeling up to a little family outing!  This was good because I was about to go stir crazy!  And I think Asher was, too!  We drove to Whitehouse to visit Baby Bliss.  We hadn't seen her since she was born and she is a week and a half old now!  She is such a beautiful baby and so sweet too!  We enjoyed visiting with Uncle Zach & Aunt LoLo, too!  It was nice just to get out even if it was a yucky, rainy day.  We stopped by Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way home.  Abram wanted pancakes again. :)
Checking out our newest addition to the family.
Abram & Blissy Poo
Such Sweet Cousins
Miss Bliss & Aunt Sugar

Today Aaron is at work again and so far we are enjoying being at home but we will see what the day holds...  Oh, and Abram is still feeling good.  As long as we keep him medicated he says he has no pain! :)


Amanda said...

I am so glad Abram is feeling better!

Crystal Chilek said...

Hey Ashley! I stole a picture from your blog to make an example card with. :) I posted it on my blog!