Thursday, January 13, 2011

Abram's Surgery ~ Bye-Bye Tonsils & Adenoids

This morning Aaron & I took Abram in for his tonsillectomy.  We had to be there at 6 am!  He was VERY nervous!  He cried on and off the whole way there and then lost it when we had to take his clothes off and put on the hospital gown.  I understand his anxiety and hated to see him so worried.  We played his favorite game, "I'm thinking of something...", to take his mind off of things and it really helped!  Honeywana came to check on him before he went in for the surgery.   He was feeling pretty good until they had to wheel him off and he had to leave us.  That was hard for me too!  Then it all happened so fast!!  They called us to let us know that he had settled down and was doing fine.  It wasn't long after that and they called us to let us know that the surgery was over and the doctor would be out to speak to us soon.  We spoke to Dr. Fulmer and he said everything went great and his tonsils were HuGe!  About 15 minutes later we were called back to see our baby.  He was awake but still a little out of it.  I sat and held him and feed him a popsicle until we were able to leave. Honeywana came back over and checked on him again.  Abram did great and said he wasn't in any pain.  We were back home by about 10 am!  God is so good and answered all of our prayers.  Everything went wonderfully!  We are so blessed!

Today Abram weighs 48.7 lbs. and is 48 1/2 in. tall.

Daddy, Mommy and Our Brave Boy!

Honeywana & Abram
The sunrise right outside our window! 
This quilt was a gift from Project Linus through the hospital.
Ladies make these blankets for children in the hospital!
It is a really nice quilt and we LoVe it!
This was the saddest part!
Just before they whisked him away.  :(
Our little patient after the surgery
enjoying a green popsicle!


Amanda said...

That just breaks my heart to know how nervous he must have been. He is such a brave little boy. I hope he will feel much better now that those huge tonsils are gone!!

Crystal Chilek said...

Hey Ashley! Just came across your cute! Hope Abram is feeling much better.

Leslie said...

Bless his little heart. Glad he is recovering well!! Love your blog!!:)