Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night FuN & Date Night Saturday

Friday Night FuN
We had a FuN night out to eat at ETBC with Jarrett, Amanda & Lawson tonight.  It was so crowded but still yummy and worth the wait!  We always enjoy our time with our sweet family!  Then we headed back to our house to test Jarrett's dancing skills.  He and Abram had a Just Dance Wii dance off!  I must say he surprised me!  Ha ha! ;)  Amanda and I picked out outfits for our valentine photo shoot for the boys... pics coming soon!!  All in all - Great Night! :)

Date Night Saturday
Tonight we had a double date with Deven & Sara.  It was so much FuN!  We started at 4:30 pm and headed to Tyler to see a movie.  We grabbed our BiG popcorn and drink and settled in for a good old chick flick!  After the movie we had reservations at Villa Montez so we made our way there and enjoyed a delicious dinner and great conversation with some wonderful friends!  Sara and I laughed because we kept joking that we were on the date together and Deven and Aaron were on a date together.  ;)  It was so funny!  Good times! We were home by 10 pm and I was exhausted!  My how dating changes in your thirties! Ha!!

Note to self... take more pics for blog!!! ;)

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