Sunday, August 15, 2010

Asher's 3rd Birthday Party ~ Aaarrr, Matey!!

This year Asher had a Pirate Swimming Party for his 3rd Birthday!  It was so much FuN!!!  Everything turned out so cute!  

Here's a look at what the invites and correspondence said...
Aaarrr! Come if ye dare to Cap'n Asher's 3rd Birthday Bash! We need shipmates to swab the deck, walk the plank & hunt fer pirate treasure. Aaarr! Ship sets sail on Sunday, August 15 at 6:30 pm. Meet us at Old Man Medders' Island...
Ahoy maties, it's the big day! Can't wait to see all ye scarvy dogs. Cap'n Asher is ready to set sail, so come dressed in your pirate best and DON'T FORGET YE WEE LADS SWIM SUIT - just in case the little swashbuckler has to walk the plank!!!!

When the kids arrived they were given an eye patch, an earring and a pirate tattoo!  We also had pirate music playing in the background.  Then we played some awesome games!  One of them involved a "catapult" and the other was a treasure hunt with sunken bottles and maps leading to a treasure chest FILLED with all kinds of goodies and a pinata treasure chest loaded with candy!!!  On top of all that they got to swim!  It really was a good party! 

The Wee Lil' Swashbuckler, Lawson & Cap'n Asher 
Such a cute Lil' Pirate!!
1st Mate, Abram and that Scarvy Dog, Lawson

I had put old looking signs all around. This one said
"Cap'n Asher's Quarters".  Some of the others said
"Dead Man's Landing" and "Land Lubbers Cove".
It turned out really cute!

Deck Hand Cason 
This is "Dead Man's Landing" and the
Lost Treasure of Old Man Medders' Island.
The sign here reads "Pirates Only Beyond This Point!
BEWARE!!! Enter at Your Own Risk!" 

Make a wish, Cap'n Asher!

Love - Jarrett, Amanda & Lawson
Honeywana & Pops made this adorable growth chart for Asher's
room.  He is always standing in front of Abram's saying how
big he is.  Now he has his very own!  Thanks, H & P!! 
Asher had been begging for a motorcycle and he absolutely
loves riding his bike.  He's been riding with no training wheels
since February (yes, that's 2 1/2 yrs. old)!!  So we found this
motorcycle/bike to buy some time!  He loves it and feels so BiG!!

I LoVe this picture!  He thinks he is The MaN!!

Cap'n Asher's Mummy
The Treasure Hunt
All the kids were following a map leading
to a hidden treasure!
Still Hunting that TrEaSuRe!!
Pinata Time!!
Go BiG AsHeR!
Nice Swing!!
"Me Next!!"

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