Monday, December 19, 2011

TFD Station 2 Christmas Party

December 17, 2011
Tonight we went to the Christmas party for Aaron's station. We always have a great time with the guys he works with and their wives. They are a very fun group! This year they had an ugly sweater contest and they each put in $5, winner takes all! It was so hilarious to see all those manly firefighters in those ridiculous outfits! Haha!!

 My cutie in his festive attire!

 Aaron's Chief, Cordell and Me.
He is such a nice guy!

 Crotty is rockin' the homespun look... 
A lovely green sweatshirt adorned with garland and ornaments along with a beautiful skirted bottom. Priceless!

Hard to beat Cordell in this bright red and orange sweater with the sequined vest or Bogie in this tight holiday turtleneck and poinsettia sweater vest! HA!!

Todd Lane as Cousin Eddie...

TFD's Finest!!  We are SO Proud!!

By the way, Bogie took home the prize (3rd from the left). The wives tried to make them have a dance off for it but that didn't fly... Next Year!! It was a really fun time!

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