Monday, December 19, 2011

Abram's Christmas Party - VPE

December 16, 2011
We had such a fun time partying with Abram's 1st grade class today! We had pizza, decorated sugar cookies, ate some yummy treats, made a cute ornament and they opened their Santa sacks FULL of presents from their classmates! 
Me & My Handsome Lil' Man

 Yummy Pizza!

 Opening all his gifts from his classmates.  
The kids each brought something for everyone 
to fill each others Santa sacks!

Not only did we celebrate Christmas 
but we got to sing Happy Birthday to Mrs. Baze! 
Here's everyone giving her a cupcake and class gift!!

Abram giving Mrs. Baze her gift from him.

Abram's gift of goodies for his classmates!

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