Monday, December 19, 2011

Asher's Christmas Party @ FBC

December 15, 2011
Today was Asher's party at school.  They performed all the songs they've been singing in chapel during the Christmas season. Of course they were adorable! Asher is a little character! Surprise, Surprise! He was giving us a little extra during his performance... ninja chops, kicks, hanging the jingle bells on his ears... at one point he even turned backwards and did a little backbend! He is a mess!! They were all so cute and funny!  
The little CuTieS singing their little hearts out!

"Away in a manger... the little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head..."

My little songbird!

Conleigh had the moves down!

After their performance they had pizza and decorated cookies...



Asher and Cason decorating their cookies!

After getting nice and full it was off to the 3 bounce houses they had set up for them in the gym.  Not sure how the jumping on a full tummy turned out but I didn't hear any horror stories so I assume they were just fine and had a BLAST!!

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