Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas at Pops & Honeywana's

As is tradition now with the Burgess Bunch we take a weekend in December and spend it all together! We load up in the trailer and head to Santa Land with our hot chocolate and blankets, then we have a Mexican food feast! After our tummies are so full we could pop we all sit in the living room and tell the Christmas Story (the real one - from the Bible). After that we all open presents from each other, the kids play with their new toys and we just enjoy each others company! We then gather around the table for games and dessert! This year we played bingo for prizes that my mom bought! Every family went home with a DVD! FuN!!! Then we all settle the kids in for a movie and they have a slumber party.  The next morning we cook a big breakfast and then we will all watch a movie in our PJs, play board games... We just have a good time enjoying our wonderful family!!
 Santa Land

 Our Chauffeur enjoying some Hot Cocoa

 The Grandkids (minus Little Ranger)

Our Little Football Stars

Slumber Party!!!

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