Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas Celebration

Ready to open presents!!!

 "Ugh! Hurry up!!" 
So frustrating to wait!

Ripping into their 1st present!

Putting out the reindeer food and Santa's Cookies & Milk
This is actually a photo taken the next morning and 
our 1st clue that Santa had, in fact, been here!!

 Good Night! 
They were ready to get in bed because they were so scared Santa wouldn't come if they stayed up too late. Abram called out to us crying because he was worried about us staying up too late and keeping Santa from stopping at our house! So CuTe!!

Santa DID come!!
And look at all the goodies he left!!!

Abram wrote Santa a letter asking for a bell from his sleigh.
Santa left a special wrapped gift with a little note on it for him.

 Some of the other gifts the boys have gotten.

 Entering the playroom and getting that 1st glimpse...

Abram checking out the special gift from Santa... A sleigh bell!

 Unveiling the big one!
Hoopin' it up!

Next we had a little birthday party for Jesus! The boys made a cake and some ice cream with their new Easy Bake Oven and Blizzard maker. Fun times with all the awesome new presents...


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