Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Mischievous Little Elf

Our little visitor from the North has been up to something every night since he arrived! It's so fun to wake up every morning and see what he's been busy doing while we were all snug in our beds.   
Jingle grabbed a marker and had some fun
drawing silly faces on one of our pictures! 

Enjoying a nice cup of Hot Cocoa. Yum!

 The boys wrote a note to Santa and had Jingle deliver it for them.

 Jingle turned our milk GREEN!!

Spying on us Mission Impossible style!

 Riding the reindeer stocking holder.

Snow Angels!!

 Jingle needed a nice relaxing bath after playing in the "snow"!

He painted Rudolph noses on the boys in their sleep!

 Jingle wrapped our living room!!!
Then hid out and spied on us all day!

 Worshipping Jesus in one of our Nativity scenes.
This was my favorite!

We have had so much fun with our house guest this year! The boys were so intrigued by the "magic"! Every morning their first mission was to find him. I had a lot of fun too! We can't wait to have him in our home again next year and see what crazy things he'll do then!

PS: I should note that his name is still up for debate... Abram calls him Jingle and Asher calls him Sparky. I said we should just combine the two and call him Sparkle!! 

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