Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summertime = SLEEPOVERS!!!

Three in one week to be exact!!! First we had Steel & Case spend the night after our T-Ball game on Friday night. They came home with us and we ordered pizza, did some pasture boarding/4-wheelin', played, watched movies, ate homemade cookies and camped-out in the game room!

Saturday we woke-up played some more, made cinnamon rolls... and later went swimming!  
Cason joined us for some fun in the sun!
Later that evening Candi picked up the boys and I took Cason home. When I did Conleigh begged to go home with Aunt Sugar! I couldn't stand to see her upset so they both came home with us for another sleepover! Mind you, Aaron is at work through it all! ;) They were great and everyone slept good through both slumber parties!
On Tuesday after the boys swim lesson Kelly & I took all the boys to Splash Kingdom. When they dropped us off at our house Abram asked if Barrett could stay the night.  Of Course! What's one more sweet little boy!?! They did great!  Played hard, ate a bunch of junk (a sleepover requirement!), watched movies, stayed up late and slept GREAT!! We had the sleepover standard... cookies at night and cinnamon rolls the next morning! We were all so proud of Barrett! This was his first night to spend the night with a friend and he did it! YaY!  Psst.. Again, Aaron was at work! Uh, SuperMoM!?! I think so! ;)

 They had some fun in the sun, too!

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