Friday, June 24, 2011

Splash Kingdom

This summer we got season passes to Splash Kingdom! We plan on spending many of these HOT East Texas days keeping cool while slippin' & slidin' down the Water Slides, splishin' & splashin' around the Kids Castle, ridin' the waves in the Wave Pool and relaxin' on the Lazy River! FuN times!!! We've already enjoyed a couple of fun days there...

May 31, 2011
Daddy, Mommy, Abram & Asher @ SK!
Asher & Abram at the Kid's Castle
Abram taking a break from all the FUN!!!

a CouPLe of CuTieS
hangin' 'round the pool!

Love those SHaDeS!!

June 7, 2011
This time with Kelly, Barrett & Jack!

Abram & Barrett

Asher & Jack
All our Handsome Lil' Hunks! ;)
Enjoying a movie and relaxing in the backseat after a FUN day @ SK!

June 22, 2011
SK with Christina, Cason & Conleigh

Ready, Set, GO!!!

They really love each other! :)

The Boys with Sharky!

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