Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few Things...

Here are just a few cute things the boys have said lately...

Abram: "Mommy I love this dessert! Can you make it for me again sometime?"
Me: "I didn't make it."
Abram: "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you did. No offense."
I died! He is so funny! Where did he come up with "No offense"!?!? And he used it right! Haha!

Also about a month ago Jordan (14) came over to hang out with us and I said something about Abram getting so big I might cry. He says "Mom don't be lame! That's embarrassing!!" Again, I died!! What? When? Where? He's 6! Funny, huh! I guess he thought he was BiG hangin' with a 14 year old!

Asher is cracking us up all the time! One thing is that right now if you ask him what he wants for Christmas he will say the same thing every time... "Whatever anyone wants to get me except not girl stuff." So sweet and funny! A couple of weeks ago my dad asked him, got that answer and then told him he was gonna get him rocks. Asher has since added ... Except not girl stuff or rocks!" Haha!

Asher and Aaron were buying light bulbs and had realized that one box had some broken bulbs so Aaron goes to put them back...
Asher: "You're not gonna put those back are you?"
Aaron: "Yes."
Asher: "Oh, no. The people who buy those are gonna be so frustrated!"
He's so thoughtful! And how cute is that!?

Asher's teacher told us recently that he is the class clown! He makes everyone laugh and all the kids want to play with him and be his partner, according to Mrs. Brooke. I have to say I'm not too surprised. ;) He is just precious!

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