Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boo at the Zoo!!!

October 30, 2011
This year my mom & dad bought us all tickets to Boo at the Zoo and we made it a fun family outing! It was GREAT!!! All 17 of us got to enjoy a beautiful day together with our precious little ones! Such wonderful memories we're creating together!
 Gansta Rappers!!
 The story behind their costumes... 
Last night we went to a Halloween party with our friend, Jordan (14), who the boys adore! He was dressed as a "gangster" and that was it! Abram dressed himself, found his sunglasses, got the headphones out of the car, put his hat on sideways and asked if I had a necklace he could wear! So CUTE!! Then he helped Asher and asked me to dress-up with them! It was fun!
 Gangsta MoM!! 
Straight Street, Right?!? LOL
 Pops & Honeywana and the Grandkids
 Bird Aviary
Always their FAVORITE stop!!

 Our Lil' Gobblins

 Asher & Abram checkin' out that HUGE snake and
telling about our pet snake, Camo!

 Silly Vampire Boy!


We also celebrated Honeywana's Birthday since it's on Halloween! We all went out to eat at Red Lobster after the zoo and gave Mom her presents. It was an awesome day with my awesome family!!

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