Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day 2011

On this COLD Friday in Lindale, TX school was cancelled and we woke up to a White Winter Wonderland!!   This is the 2nd time in 2011 that we have received snow but this time we got 4-6 inches!!!
A warm breakfast on this cold snow day!
I had to muster up the courage to brave the cold for the boys this morning.  
Aaron had to work! :( 
The BoYs running and playing in the SnOw!! 
So BeAuTiFuL!!!
Our Igloo!!
My Lil' SnowAngels!
Precious Angels!

Playing in the front yard... we tried to build a snowman but the snow was too dry and wouldn't stick together so we had a snowball fight... until someone got a snow ball down the neck, got too cold and DIED! ;) You would've thought Jack Frost was physically torturing him!

Papaw brought us lunch!  So SwEEt & thoughtFUL!!!
Of course, pizza at Medders Manor means a picnic in the living room and a movie!  

This time in front of the fire.  "Comfty Cozy!"
Asher LOVES his PiZZa and RANCH!!! 
Asher, Cason & Abram in the bed of Pop's Gator
Me and Conleigh Rose sitting in the Gator ready to ride!
A look at our backyard. 
We met up with our neighbors, Liz, Ryder and Gunner, for some sledding...
But it didn't last long.  It was TOO COLD!!!  We quickly headed in to warm up by the fire and have some HOT Chocolate!  YuM!!!


Leslie said...

I wore those same boots & we had chocolate chip muffins, too!!!!:) Yay, for a snow day:)

Christina said...

Cason and Conleigh Rose LOVE their Aunt Sugar!!!!!!