Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Visit with Santa 2010
The boys so were excited to tell Santa what they wanted this year.  Their #1 request... a knife!!  This was the one thing that they said every time they were asked "What do you want for Christmas?"  Some of the other things that topped their lists:  Bug Maker/Squasher, Remote Control Bigfoot Monster, Imaginext, Legos,  Donkey Kong Country Wii, Just Dance 2 Wii, Motorcycle or 4wheeler...  They seemed to want everything they could think of this year!!

Abram is ready to "Pump, You Up!"

My! What BIG muscles you have, Asher!!
We were able to capture a few pictures of these 2 very handsome boys while waiting to see Santa. They are GORGEOUS!!!

The A's at The Medders on Christmas Eve 2010 for our Christmas Celebration with Papaw, JeJe, Jarrett, Amanda, Lawson, Grandma and Aunt Sue.

Papaw, JeJe, Abram & Asher on Christmas Eve
Abram, Asher & Lawson in the beanies our cousin, Michelle, made and sent to them from Colorado.  Aren't they the cutest!!  The boys love them!  They have little cars, trucks, trains and planes on them.

Stockings at JeJe & Papaw's on Christmas Morning

The Burgess Family Christmas Day 2010
The Burgess Girls on Christmas Day 2010

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